Online Classes

English, German, Spanish

I offer online lessons via Skype, Zoom, Teams etc. in the following languages 
English (Business English), German as a foreign language and Spanish at all levels.

Contact me here via the contact form or call me at +49 8374/4110087. 
Together we can then put together a suitable course for you. 

Learn a new language from any location. 
All you need is your laptop, smartphone or tablet, a stable Internet connection and then you're ready to go. 
We meet online at the agreed time and you have the opportunity to brush up your language skills or learn a language from scratch. With today's technology, you will feel just like you are in the classroom.

The time that you save to travel to the language school can be used for other leisure activities or to learn vocabulary and do your homework.

I look forward to getting to know you during a free trial lesson. 



Browse through the following information and book your free trial lesson today to find out more about Lernen-im-Allgäu.

At Lernen-im-Allgäu there are no hidden contracts or costs and you are free to finish the course whenever you like.